Could You Really Be Down in Mexico?




Eat the Worm, Cowboy

 A pick-up rattles ‘round a turn on a gravel road, the case of beer in the back slides across the bed. Music flows out of the windows, lifting and dropping a windsurfing hand to the rhythm. 5pm Friday has been a long time coming.

Is he listening to The Smiths? Of course not. He’s dreaming of chasing señoritas and drinking tequila in Mexico, with a little help from Blake Shelton.

There are two ways to eat the worm; eat one or drink a ¼ liter of tequila. Perhaps Jim Reeves took on the latter during a 1959 trip to Juarez, which sequentially inspired the lyrics:

My poor head is aching it throbs and it twirls

From drinking tequila and teasing the girls

In 2008 Zac Brown Band was vacationing in Mexico for the same reasons:

Adiós and vaya con Dios

Yeah I’m leaving GA

And if it weren’t for tequila and pretty señoritas

I’d have no reason to stay

Country music’s relationship to Mexico inspires my current body of work while also following a personal obsession with a couple of questions:

Does country music reflect the culture or shape it? Or could it be a little bit of both?